FIFA Coins PS 4 101: The Truth about Earning Coins for FIFA 18: Ultimate Team

To make or farm FIFA coins for FIFA 18: Ultimate Team, you should search for an in-demand player that's not named Ribery, Messi, or Ronaldo so that he's cheap enough to get then buy them en-masse with your current stack of coinage. For La Liga or Premier League players, find those who play in positions like center forward as well as left or right back (any rarely filled position). As their value grows, sell them. That's your best bet in acquiring FIFA Coins PS 4. To maximize your coinage, search for players whose demand exceeds the supply but not to the point that you need to fork out several million (like in the case of Suarez, who's part of the Team of the Year for 2017). Buy cheap then sell strong. Learn more about FIFA Coins PS 4 on this site.

Farm Coins in Accordance to What Feels Comfortable

• Farm coins using a technique you're most comfortable using. You can bid and take note of your profit margins, for one thing. You can play to win so that you can earn boat-loads of coins (you don't get consolation coins after every loss, so you need to get good). You can buy mid-profile players early as soon as they're released then selling them for at least a couple of hundred coins to profit off of them.

• When making profitable trades at the Transfer Market, head to at least the second or third page of the market's list for the player to buy then sell. You want someone that's not too in-demand or famous (because they cost even more coins, like a Ribery, Ronaldo, or Messi). You also should get a player that will be in-demand in the future, like some sort of mid-fielder.

• Make the first bid on an item then catch the ones that slip through the net (the cheapest ones that have the most potential to increase in coin value in the future). You need to do a lot of bids (this tactic is called mass bidding for a reason) so that you can get 1 bid out of 10 bids. The upside to this tactic is that you place a bid wave on loads of players at a time.